6 Things That Didn’t Show Up On TV At GRAMMYS 2018

It turned up on 28th January for the night’s nominees. Things commenced at about 3 p.m. ET with the night’s premier shows which was followed by the handing of the awards to the winning nominees.

Here are the things lighted up that wasn’t brought up by the eyes of the cameras.

At around 3.19 p.m. ET, about ten minutes after the premier shows, the first win of the biggest music awards night was that of the LCD Soundsystem for “Tonite” with this the team opened their diary at the Grammys after five previous nominations. The LCD award was handed over to the model by Paul Schaffer. As he handed over the same he said “Take this” in a mocking tone at the controversial news regarding the sexual misconduct in the field of entertainment.

6 Things That Didn’t Show Up On TV At GRAMMYS 2018

At around 3.24 p.m. the next win was hit by Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE” under best music videos. The award was responsibly taken up by Nathan K. Scherrer and Anthony Tiffith on behalf of the absentees that had their names as the nominees. As of the Thanksgiving speech, Tiffith hummed the lines of the awarded song.

At around 3.36 p.m. ET, on hitting a win bell for the best boxed for The Voyage Golden Record-40th anniversary edition Lawrence Azerrad humbly dedicated it to late Chuck Berry. Later the director explained the reason of his tribute explaining Chuck Berry to be the one and only example of rock ’n’ roll.

At around 3.38 p.m. ET, there was a instrumental band play of the song “Centuries” as the composer, Leonard Bernstein was handed over the historical album.

At around 3.49 p.m. ET, the stage was hit by the performance of India.Arie on “I am Light” the 2013 hit.

At around 3.51 p.m. ET, Sasha Barr revealed about her working with Father John Misty on the “Pure Comedy” album follow up.

The biggest music award night marked a grand success and we impatiently wait for the next to hit the surface.

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