50 Cent Supports Actor Terrence Howard In Salary Lawsuit

50 Cent is supporting actor Terrence Howard, who is suing the Creative Arts Agency (CAA) over a salary dispute related to his role on the hit show Empire.

Justice In Hollywood

50 Cent has extended his support to Terrence Howard amid his lawsuit against the Creative Arts Agency (CAA) over his past Empire salary.

The Hustle & Flow actor claimed that the agency asked him to accept a lower salary, citing a practice known as “packaging.” In a show of solidarity, 50 Cent took to Instagram to offer his support and vowed to ensure that Howard receives the money he is rightfully owed.

In December 2023,  Howard filed a lawsuit against the CAA, alleging breach of fiduciary duty. The actor, known for his portrayal of Lucious Lyon on Empire, claimed that the talent agency had pressured him to accept a lower salary for the popular show from 2015 to 2020.

The issue was attributed to the practice of “packaging,” in which an agency earns money by attaching talent to projects. Howard’s lawyer, James Bryant, explained at a press conference that agencies have found a lucrative way to make money by representing actors, producers, production companies, and their own financial interests.

This practice, according to Bryant, has led to agencies becoming more powerful. Showing his support for Howard, 50 Cent, who signed a production deal with Fox in 2023, took to Instagram on January 4 and offered his assistance. The rapper/TV mogul posted:

“Damn @theterrencehoward call my phone I will get you the money they was supposed to get for you. Im not playing no games over here.”

Users in the comment section reacted to 50 Cent’s offer to Howard. One user named @ironbonesjones_ commented “50 is about to take over television,” and one other user named @lil_deb_no_snack_cake commented “Terrence Howard in the Power Universe is going to be crazy.”

Past Collaborations

Interestingly, 50 Cent and Terrance Howard go way back. They collaborated in 2005 on the New York rapper’s acting debut, the semi-autobiographical film Get Rich or Die Tryin‘, which shared its title with the rapper’s iconic debut album.

This connection adds another layer of significance to 50 Cent’s offer of support.

Howard had claimed that at the peak of Empire’s success, he was being paid $325,000 per episode. He believed that racism played a role in his salary being significantly lower than other leading men, including Jon Hamm and Kevin Spacey, who earned around $500,000 per episode for their respective shows, Mad Men and House of Cards.

Despite 50 Cent’s public offer, Howard has not yet responded or indicated whether he will accept his support.

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This show of solidarity from 50 Cent to Terrence Howard in his salary dispute with CAA echoes similar instances in the entertainment industry. Just recently, Taraji P. Henson, Howard’s co-star in Hustle & Flow, shared her frustration with the pay disparity in Hollywood.

In a candid interview, Henson expressed her disappointment in working hard yet receiving only a fraction of what she believes she deserves. This ongoing discussion highlights the need for equality and fairness when it comes to compensation in the entertainment industry.

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