2018 SAG Awards proves about the Girl power

The Sunday evening kicked off with the “I Am an Actor” introduction at the 2018 SAG awards event. This year, show’s major attraction was the Best Supporting Actress nominee Allison Janney, Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross, Best Actress in a Drama Series nominee Millie Bobby Brown and host Kristen Bellwere.

2018 SAG Awards proves about the Girl power

During the interview, Allison Janney stated that she first wanted to be an Olympic figure skater but later by the age of 12, she was 6 feet tall, and the thing had started changing with time. During that time, she had cast for her first play in the pivotal role of the undertaker’s son in Oliver. And after that, she has been in this line, and now she is enjoying for being a part of the industry.

Tracee Ellis Ross, in 1995 appointed as a member for SAG-AFTRA. The reason behind this her infinity commercial. During the interview, she stated that she always wanted to a courageous woman who could use voice for important issues that have affected the society and she also wanted to have a lot of shoes. She said, “Well I am happy to report that both are true.” She has utilized her voice for equity and justice for the industry and even more than that.

The interview doesn’t end here. It continued with Millie and Kristen. Both have started their career as ambitious young women and now moving towards to be a star.

“The Stranger Things” star stated that at some point of time she used to sit at home and perform impression from Joan Rivers to Amy Winehouse and now she has nominated at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. She gave an inspirational speech and said all young girls should believe in themselves and should believe in their dreams and follow the hearts. The interview ended with a motivational speech by Kristen.


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